Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Science of Cycling

I honestly believe I've read just about every book written on cycling training in the last 10 yrs.  Why?  Because before I start prescribing what I believe are the best training methods/workouts for my athletes I want to ensure there is some "scientific evidence", that has "statistical significance", behind the workouts which substantiate that they do in fact- WORK!

I'm really excited to announce a NEW book which will be hitting the streets in mid-April.  One of the authors is my mentor Hunter Allen.  The book, entitled "Cutting-edge Cycling", shows how science can improve fitness and riding, and how to make science practical and relevant for cyclists". 

My cycling training/coaching methodology has been and always will be based on "Science".  The workouts I prescribe are "proven" workouts which show performance improvements for the masses.  Granted, some workouts produce better results for different people.  I don't normally prescribe cycling workouts that are fun...I prescribe ones that work. If you want fun workouts go to a Spin Class and do their "Mickey Mouse" workouts with music.  Or, buy one of the many CD/DVDs on the market that claim they'll make you stronger/faster in just 2 weeks.

Anyway, look for Hunter's book in mid-April.  I'm sure it's one that I'm going to enjoy, learn something from, and use information from to improve future Annual Training Plans.

Power ON!  Coach Rob

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