Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Univest Grand Prix Cyclosportif- September 17th

Although it's NOT a race, if you want to ride (a pro course) with some damn good riders you want to sign-up for this years' Cyclosportif.  Yes, the UGP Cyclosportif is back.  It's IMPROVED and even better in years past.  You get to ride the same course that the Pros race.  And, I'll be there to capture your day on the bike with a great on-road action shot and finish line photo- for your "I love me wall". 

I rode the Cyclosportif years ago (in the rain) and it was fun.  Yes, even in the rain.  I even managed to finish first, averaging 20 mph, albeit I rode the shorter less hillier course (40 miles) because I wanted to see the start of the Pro race.  I believe this years' ride is only offered in the 100k ride (a hair over 66 miles).  Regardless, it is a fun ride and you can ride it at any pace..yes, even your race pace.  Can you finish 66 miles in 3 hrs on a hilly tract (4700 ft. of climbing)?  In past years, you even had the opportunity to ride with the likes of International touring Pro Bobby Julich.  My friend, and former coached athlete, Jim Ludovici rode with Bobby the entire ride and had a great time.  And yes, they averaged 20 mph...maybe even more.

Yes, it costs $65 but it is well worth it.  For the money you get chip timing, a T-shirt, an opportunity to ride with quality riders/racers, on-course tech support, raffle prizes and you even get fed afterwards.  You can't beat that.  You may even get to ride with a Pro- a real Pro.  What's get upfront viewing of the Pro race, from your private tent, which takes place after your ride.

For more information on the ride, and a link to register online at Bikereg, go the following link:  Don't wait, sign-up now whether you're a racer or casual weekend rider!

By the way, my friend Brian Ignatin (and local cycling enthusiast) is running the Cyclosportif event along with John Eustice.  Brian is an up and coming cycling event director who also runs the Spring Classics in our area.  These are "quality" rides that are well marked and well supported and include goodie bags.  If you haven't ridden in one of Brian's Spring Classics you MUST sign-up for his 2012 Classics.  I honestly believe some of his Spring Classics are even HARDER tracts than the Tour of Battenkill with MORE climbing and MORE gravel/dirt roads.  Challenging?  You bet.  Fun?  Absolutely!  Been there done I know.

Oh, one more thing, if you're a cycling geek (like me) and you have a GPS, or better a Garmin Edge 500 or 800, you can download the Cyclosportif course onto your computer for directions.  You get turn-by-turn directions for you lucky Garmin 800 owners.  Here's a You Tube link on how to program your Garmin Edge 500.   Hell, I own one and didn't even know it could do that.  Now that's cool.  That way, you don't have to rely on course signs (which are EVERYWHERE) or those really nerdy cue sheets..ha.  Go to "Ride With GPS" for the .gpx downloadable file. You'll have to sign-up for a free account:  I'm sure Brian will be using Ride With GPS for his Spring Classics as well.  Hey, if you don't have a Garmin Edge 500 or 800 by now, get one, I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are Ant+ Sport compatible and will read/record your power meter. What, not training/racing with a Power Meter?  No excuse!  GET ONE NOW, if not, put it on the top of Santa's list this Christmas.  I HIGHLY recommend either a Quarq PM or a Saris/Cycleops PM. If I coach you, I'll get you one at a coaches discount which is hundreds of dollars off MSRP.  Waiting for Garmin's Vector PM?  Good luck!

See you on September 17th.  Power ON! Coach Rob

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