Friday, July 1, 2011

Le Tour de France

It's that time of year again sports fans..for the Superbowl of road racing- the 2011 Tour of France.  Except this year, more coverage of cycling may occur off the roads and in the courts..that is, the judicial court.  Seems like ever since the "60 minutes broadcast" with Tyler Hamilton's, former teammate of Lance Armstrong's, allegations of Lance taking EPO during his racing career that more attention has been given to that instead of racing itself.  What fueled the "off-road talks" even more was George Hincapie's, another former teammate of LA's, testifying before a grand jury that he and LA both supplied each other EPO.  When you didn't think it could get any worse for LA, in June, Armstrong and Hamilton bumped into each other at an Aspen restaurant (soon after the airing of the “60 Minutes” broadcast). While eyewitness accounts claim nothing happened, Hamilton says Armstrong stopped him on his way to the bathroom, threatening to “make his life a living hell on the witness stand” should the case ever get to trial.  Hamilton’s attorney responded by contacting federal grand jury and now the FBI is investigating whether Armstrong’s actions constitute witness tampering.  So, I'm sure in this years' TDF coverage we'll be getting updates, whether we like it or not, on the LA court case.

Speaking of EPO, I heard that 3-time TDF champ Alberto Dopeador, I mean Contador, was booed and jeered by fans yesterday at the team presentation.  Contador, who failed a dope test for banned drug clenbuterol in last year's Tour before being cleared by his federation, is taking part in this years race pending a final decision on the case by the Court of Arbitration in Sport.

Apart from the local riders, the French seem to be rooting for Andy Schleck at this years TDF- as well as I am.

But for me, despite all the doping talk, the Tour always has some funny moments, that keeps me watching EVERY stage, like Stage 6 of last years race when Carlos Barredo and Rui Costa went at it after the race.  Barredo actually took his front wheel off the bike and used it as a weapon to swing at Costa.  Barredo said that Costa elbowed him in the gut during the Stage almost knocking him off the bike.  What a pussy!  Taking a wheel off a bike and using it as a weapon?  What happened to your fists Carlos?  Here's a video clip: 

What would the Tour be without crashes?  I hate to say it, but that's the reason why some people (not me) watch races (particularly NASCAR) and that's to see the wrecks/crashes.  If you're into that kind of'll love this video clip: 

What I truly love about the Tour is the gathering of the Worlds Best cyclists..the creme de le creme of cycling.  If you win a Stage of the TDF you know you've beat the best in the World unlike other Tour's including the ToC- sorry Chris (Horner).  You gotta love the "bad boy" of racing too- sprinter Racer Boy Mark Cavendish.  He hasn't done much thus far, this year,  (including the Giro)  but you can be sure he'll be in form for this years TDF.  He's won so many final sprints by large margins at the TDF of past he makes it look so easy.  And, as much as I'm NOT enamored with the French can't dispute the beauty of their countryside.  Notice I said countryside..I think Paris is a sh$thole having been there a few times.  Always good to see Bobke in the booth too and his ever popular antics and pronunciation of the "Tour dee France" which probably pisses the French people off...ha.

So, tune-in to Versus starting tomorrow morning, where coverage begins at 8am for the greatest race in cycling.

Power ON!  Coach Rob

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