Monday, December 28, 2009

Why plans/goals fail!

Ok, so you've read my previous blog regarding making a plan and setting goals for 2010... and you've made them...good for you. I assume a lot of you have already started your Annual Training Plan (ATP), and others are waiting until the New Year. Regardless, did you know that over 80% of athletes who make a plan and/or set a goal for the New Year will NOT stick to that plan or achieve that goal? Why is that? Here are some reasons:

a. Illness/Injury/Death in the Family- Perhaps you got sick or injured yourself...or perhaps there was a death in the family or loved one that put you in a deep funk/depression.
b. Lifestyle change- a major unplanned change in your life occured. Perhaps you lost your job, changed jobs with new hours, etc. Maybe your favorite training partner moved away from the area.
c. No Willpower- you lost self-control. You just can't resist or avoid temptations or bad habits.
d. Demotivated- you plateaued, you're not seeing anymore progress regardless of how hard you try. Your stuck in a rut..and can't get out.
e. Unrealistic plan/goal- perhaps your plan or goal is NOT realistic.
f. Weather- maybe you do all your training outside and the weather is just not cooperating.
g. Know-how- perhaps you just don't know how to make a plan or how to achieve your goal.
h. No time- there's just not enough time in the day to train properly with work, family, hobbies, etc.
i. etc.

I'm sure there are many more reasons why plans/goals fail. But the purpose of this blog is NOT to list the many roads to failure (and there's a bunch) but to make you aware that they exist and what to do when you come to them. Here's some of the things you can do to keep you on the road to meet your goal:

a. Illness/Injury/Death in the Family- The best way to stay healthy is to eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep. To avoid injury, be smart..don't go out riding at night in inclement weather. If there is a sudden or unexpected death in the family...use that loss to help inspire you to do your best. After all, wouldn't that person want you to be happy and achieve all your goals in life?
b. Lifestyle change- changes happen...good and bad. And, like REO Speedwagon says in one of their songs you've got to "Roll with the changes".
c. No Willpower- we all lose our willpower at some time or another. My advice is to stay away from what weakens you. If you're a drinker..stay away from the bars and don't keep beer/wine in the house. If you're trying to lose weight..don't eat at fast-food restaurants and don't buy junk food. Stay clear.
d. Demotivated- we all hit plateaus or get stuck in ruts in our training. Just know that these ruts are temporary and that you'll drive/ride through them. Stay motivated...treat yourself. Stay on track and keep pressing...there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you WILL see it.
e. Unrealistic plan/goal- if your plan or goal is unrealistic, re-evaluate and make new plans/goals. It's never too late to change!
f. Weather- I ride outside when I can NOT when I want. If it's bad weather outside, suck it up or get inside and train.
g. Know-how- if you don't know how, ask. Nothing wrong with hiring a coach that knows-how.
h. No time- sorry, you're not getting any pity from me on this one. If you don't have time..make time. No ifs, ands, or buts. If I can live out of a suitcase for work, and find time to train, you can too. If you don't know how to do me and I'll tell you how.

The main thing you want to do is recognize that SH$T HAPPENS in life. Things will get in the way of your plan/goal. Be flexible and roll with the changes. If you need a cheering section or support your friends and tell them to contact you for morale/support. Better yet, recruit them as a training partner. I met one guy over the internet from the UK that posts every one of his workouts and follows it up with a blog and/or video. Why does he do that? That's his motivation to stay the course. I email him occasionally to see how he's doing..and you know what? He's right on track.

Write things down..keep track of everything. When you write things down you are more apt to do the things you should and avoid the things you shouldn't. When I track what I eat, I tend not to eat junk...because I don't want it on my list. When I track my weight, I think twice about eating that bowl of ice cream after dinner because I know in less than 8 hrs. I'll be getting on that scale. When I track my workouts, I make sure that I not only do the workout..but that I complete it.

Treat/award yourself from time to time. It's ok to go out every once and a while and drink and eat that big dinner with dessert. Just don't make it a habit. Lastly, be patient, stay motivated..and stick with the plan. It's not going to be easy. If it was easy than everyone would achieve their goals. Most importantly, have fun with some new people..and ENJOY! BTW, when you finally achieve your your a$$ deserve it for all your hard work and sacrifice.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Power ON! Coach Rob

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