Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fleecydale/Carversville Rd Time Trial

Ok, for the athletes that I train with (and coach) that live locally, I want you to do this time trial and report your total time and average speed. But, rather than do it fresh, I want you to do it on your return trip..from whatever ride you do..whether it be a short interval workout on River Rd. or a long 3 hr. ride on the hills.

The start is at the bottom of Fleecydale Rd & River Rd. (at the stop sign). The finish is the intersection before Carversville Rd. and Rt. 413. I'm curious to hear what your average speed,total time and average watts (if you have a PM) is UPHILL from Fleecydale/River Rd. to Carversville/Rt. 413.

Here's my ride today after doing a 2x20 L4 workout on River Rd. in NJ. I felt pretty good, and feel I could have gone harder...but this is my first time. Avg. watts 270w, 14 min, 18.1 mph avg. Not too bad but I know a lot of riders that can do MUCH better. Give it a try and either post below in the comments section or send me an email.

BTW, this is an EXCELLENT threshold workout. Remember, this should be done at threshold (L4). My heart rate averaged 174bpm which is my threshold HR, and my power 270w is actually my FTP..pretty accurate..since I didn't do this fresh. If I did it fresh I'll bet that my average watts would have been 290ish watts.

Anyway, give it a try! Like I said..GREAT WORKOUT!

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